4 Tips for Creating an Exciting Backyard Sports Zone

1 months ago

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If you have a family full of sports enthusiasts, transforming the yard of your Las Vegas home into the perfect backyard sports zone is an easy way to bring the family together, have a bit of fun, and create lasting memories. With the right planning, equipment, and accessories, you can create a multi-sport area that provides entertainment for everyone in the home. Here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Backyard court in Las Vegas, Nevada

Measure Up the Space

Creating a backyard sports area can take a lot of room, depending on the sports you would like to play and the other amenities you would like to include. A full-sized basketball court requires an area of about 70 feet by 50 feet, while a half-court needs about 30 by 50 feet.

A tennis court needs about 120 feet by 60 feet of space, while a pickleball court needs about 60 feet by 30 feet of space. Volleyball needs a play area of about 60 by 30 feet, while games like football or soccer need even more room. Add to that areas for entertaining guests, and you need to plan carefully to make as much use of the space as possible.

Choose the Sports You Would Like to Play

To create the perfect setup for your needs, you will need to select the sports you would like to include. The play areas for certain sports can be combined. For instance, a half-court basketball surface can also be used for badminton, volleyball, or pickleball. Set up correctly, a standard tennis court can also accommodate a full-size basketball court. A sizable grassy area can be used for basketball, football, soccer, horseshoes, cornhole, or bocce ball.

Create a Space for Entertaining Guests

While everyone else is playing a game in your backyard sports zone, other guests may just want to relax and enjoy the entertainment. A nice patio with outdoor tables and chairs would be the ideal space to gather, have a meal, or enjoy a few drinks. Add a fire pit and outdoor kitchen for even more versatility, as well as a sound system or even a projector screen for extra entertainment or movie nights.

Add Storage Space

Add a shed or dedicate a space in the garage to store nets, balls, rackets, and more. A small shed should have enough room to store all the gear for multiple backyard sports while keeping it out of the rain and sun so it lasts as long as possible. The space would also be ideal for storing lawn maintenance equipment like lawn mowers, weed trimmers, pruning shears, shovels, and more.

Custom Backyard Sports Courts in Las Vegas

Get started creating your perfect backyard sports zone with a custom backyard court from our team at Sport Court Las Vegas. Since 1974, Sport Court has been designing and installing professional-grade courts for homes, schools, community centers, and commercial facilities throughout the Las Vegas area. 

We can build fully custom basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, or multi-sport solutions that are tailored to your needs, and we feature advanced playing surfaces like our PowerGame™ and SportGame™ products that offer reduced stress and injuries while providing superior traction and grip.

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