5 Ways to Enhance Backyard (Including a Small Tennis Court!)

1 years ago

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Your backyard can be an excellent entertainment spot to socialize with your loved ones. You can also use it for fitness and sporting and even working. Luckily, you don't need a lot of resources to transform it into a beautiful outdoor living spot that adds warmth and comfort to your overall home. From adding an art garden to installing a small backyard tennis court, here are five simple ideas to transform your backyard into a next-level entertainment area.

1. Art Garden

Combine your love for nature and art to create a beautiful backyard with an art garden. For the garden, go for plants that do well in Las Vegas and can withstand extreme temperatures. Examples include cacti, Canna lilies, and lavender varieties like Intermedia’s. You can incorporate art pieces like monuments and sculptures, stones, and carvings to create a calming outdoor escape. Be sure the art you choose for your garden can withstand harsh weather conditions for durability.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

You can dine al fresco with friends and family in an outdoor kitchen. Install a pizza oven and an outdoor barbecue grill to create an outdoor kitchen for any occasion. To make it even more comprehensive, incorporate a bar where you can socialize and dine. For your kitchen, choose materials that are durable and resistant to the elements. Also, consider ample storage to house your outdoor tools and equipment and ensure longevity.

3. A Screened Patio

Outdoor living comes with the risk of disturbance by bugs and insects. However, you don't have to share your quiet relaxation time with bugs and pesky little insects. Extend your living space with an outdoor screened patio that you can customize into an outdoor room with retractable screens. Also, if your porch is large enough, you can fit a couch, a TV, and a fireplace to make it comfier. It can be attached to the house or be a standalone outdoor living space overlooking a feature like a pool.

4. Get Creative with Lighting

Regardless of how you intend to use your backyard, be it a garden or a foliage forest, lighting is the simplest way to transform a basic backyard into an elegant and magical space. You can update old lighting or install new fixtures to make your backyard more fun and appealing while enhancing its function.

Choose lighting fixtures that match or complement your home's overall look. Consider path lighting to illuminate walkways and string lighting for an intimate sitting or dining area. Spotlighting helps you draw attention to specific aspects of your backyard, such as a water feature, art, or a particular plant.

5. A Small Backyard Tennis Court

Your backyard doesn’t have to be a place for passive relaxation. If you like to get active or have kids who love tennis, installing a small backyard tennis court is a great way to utilize the space. Not only does it help you pursue your hobbies, but you also get fit in the process and enjoy the numerous benefits of an active lifestyle. Customize the court to your needs and taste, such as installing grass or clay flooring and shades to escape the sun when you need to rest. With a private backyard tennis court, you can play tennis and pickleball all year round at your convenience.

Final Thoughts

While you can test your DIY skills on projects like gardening, you need a professional for more technical transformations. If you decide to use your backyard to pursue an active lifestyle, we can help you design a court that fits your preference and needs. Contact Sport Court Las Vegas today for your backyard sport-court project needs.