Backyard Basketball Court Installation: What to Expect

2 years ago

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A backyard basketball court is an excellent addition to your home. It’s a great way to keep your kids occupied outdoors and can also be a nice gathering spot. As a basketball enthusiast, you’ll still want to play on a standard, authentic court. Here’s what to expect during backyard basketball court installation: 


Before You Start

Before you embark on basketball court installation, keep these considerations in mind:


A basketball court often requires considerable space. You usually will have an option to choose between building a half-court or full-court size, depending on the available space.

The Surroundings

Consider what will be around the court and where the ball might bounce. Indeed, you won’t want a court next to your beloved flower bed or garden. Fencing or netting may be required around the court to prevent the basketball from wandering too far from the court. 

Court Versatility

If you have kids or prefer to play a variety of sports, consider installing a multi-sport court. These combine two or more sports in one play area. For instance, combining your basketball court with a tennis court means your kids will always have something to do at the convenience of their backyard. 

Surface Preparation

When installing a backyard basketball court, the surface is essential since it’s the foundation of the entire structure. You want the court to last for a long time and allow you to play safely. Your budget will affect the type of surface materials to use. Professional basketball court contractors will often review different choices of surfaces, materials and technology available before you embark on the project. 


What Materials Should I Use?

Outdoor basketball courts are often made out of concrete or asphalt. Although these materials come with advantages and drawbacks, it’s important to keep in mind that concrete and asphalt are elements that were not created to exclusively play basketball on. For that reason, Sport Court Las Vegas uses industry-leading sports surfaces such as PowerGame +™, PowerGame™ or Maple Select™.

All sports surfaces used by Sport Court Las Vegas provide unmatched safety and playability features that cannot be found in other companies or general building elements. Specially engineered to optimize shock absorption and reduce risk of impact injury for families and communities to have peace of mind when playing a one-on-one game with their family and friends.


Basketball Court Installation in Las Vegas

Now that you know what basketball court construction entails, you can proceed with the project. If you’re undertaking the project for the first time, deciding your court location, choosing between the various court size options, and deciding on the perfect finish material will be difficult. Not to mention you won’t know which permits are needed before embarking on the project. 

If you take the DIY route, it’s easy to run into unexpected problems. Save yourself from all that hassle by hiring the experts at Sport Court Las Vegas. We’ve installed thousands of basketball courts across the Las Vegas area for residential homes and communities, so we know how to get the job done right and on time. We work with all types of court sizes and budgets to build the dream court you deserve! If you have a backyard basketball installation project coming up, contact us today for a free estimate at 702-883-8386.