Boost Your Property Value with a High-Quality Backyard Court

2 months ago

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Research consistently indicates that homes near recreational amenities, like parks and hobby spots, have higher values than comparable properties. Adding a backyard court to your property is one way to harness this increase in home value while maximizing your home's appeal. Here's what you need to know about the advantages of adding a backyard court to your home.

Backyard court at home in Las Vegas, Nevada

Homes with Well-Maintained Exterior Spaces Have Higher Values

A property with exterior spaces that are visually appealing and add usability to the home boosts the home's value by an average of 11.3 percent. If your home's value is currently $400,000, your home will experience an increase in value of $45,200 once you renovate or improve the exterior areas.

However, when renovating your home's exterior, you want the additions or changes to suit your family's needs. For homeowners who enjoy athletics and dream of having their own sports court, installing a backyard court is a smart investment. 

Sports Courts Increase the Eco-Friendliness of Your Yard

While a yard that's full of lush grass and vegetation is beautiful, this type of property requires extensive watering. This watering puts a strain on the environment and natural resources. By converting some of your yard to a hobby area, you'll make your home more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly homes tend to have higher values and boast a stronger appeal to prospective homebuyers. If you decide to sell your home, you'll likely be able to sell your home faster and for a higher asking price. 

Backyard Courts are Low Maintenance 

Many of the features that increase the visual appeal and usability of a home's outside spaces require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. For example, a swimming pool often increases a home's value, but it's an expensive addition that requires regular cleaning and attention. 

Sports courts are a terrific low-maintenance alternative. Once installation is complete, your backyard court needs very little attention to keep it looking its best. At Sport Court Las Vegas, our courts even come with a 15-year warranty so that you know your court will last for years.

One reason that sports courts are so easy to care for is the durable, antimicrobial material used to construct the court. This material is resistant to the elements and prevents mold and mildew from forming on your court. 

Other Benefits Associated with Adding a Recreational Court to Your Home

In addition to the value increase for your home, installing a sports court has several other benefits.

A backyard court fosters a sense of community among your family and friends. You'll have a fun gathering place for your and your family's friends where they can enjoy safe, healthy activities. 

An at-home court is convenient; instead of having to pack up all your gear and trek to the park or community center, you merely have to walk outside. Many sports court owners find that the convenience puts more time in their day and helps them live more active lifestyles. 

Learn More About Adding a Backyard Court to Your Home

Sport Court has installed more than 50,000 backyard courts since 1974. We have experience designing and installing sports courts perfect for our clients' needs. Visit us online to request a free estimate.