How to Make a Tennis Court in Your Backyard

1 years ago

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Want to make sure you can always play an exciting game of tennis with your friends and family? Or, are you interested in improving your game and need to ensure it's convenient and easy to play tennis? Adding a tennis court to your backyard provides you with your own personal private court to assist with meeting all your tennis and sports-related goals.

If you're searching for more info about how to make a tennis court in the backyard, here's what you need to know about the building process. 

Select the Right Spot in Your Yard

To minimize the amount of labor required to prepare the space for your new tennis court, choose an area that's fairly flat. Your tennis court needs to be perfectly leveled so that the ball plays properly.

You also want a spot that's convenient to access (you may need to extend your sidewalk to create a walking path to the court) and where a tennis court will complement the surrounding property. 

Decide What Kind of Court You Want

Take a moment to envision your new tennis court. Do you want a full-size court, complete with lights? Or do you prefer a smaller court that takes up less space? What kind of ball containment system do you prefer? Are you interested in a particular color scheme? 

Know Your Top Option for Court Material

At Sport Court Las Vegas, we use PowerGame™ material to build tennis courts. The PowerGame™ material is a safe, durable alternative for constructing outdoor courts.

You can expect a PowerGame™ tennis court to offer a superior playing experience. The double-shock absorption reduces your impact when playing and lowers your risk of injury.

PowerGame™'s patented Lateral Forgiveness construction even decreases joint strain, preventing you from fatiguing during a match. 

The material is resistant to the elements, including UV rays, and the diamond-shaped grid assists with water drain-off. You won't have to worry about a wet court keeping you from playing.

UV stabilizers ensure that your court is playable even during hot, sunny weather. These stabilizers work to keep your court a comfortable playing temperature in conditions up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard with Sport Court Las Vegas

Ready to add a tennis court in your backyard? Contact Sport Court Las Vegas today to get started!

We're worldwide leaders in constructing court surfaces and we offer superb customer support throughout the life of your court. Our experts can even help you with designing the perfect court for your needs. Call us at 702-883-8386 or visit us online for a free estimate.