How to Set Up & Maintain a Pickleball Court

3 months ago

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How to Set Up & Maintain a Pickleball Court

A game of pickleball can be a great way to spend time with friends or family, and it is a relatively easy game to learn, especially if you are familiar with badminton or tennis. To get started, you will first need to set up a pickleball court, and while a dedicated court is ideal, a temporary court can be set up on an existing tennis or basketball court.

Setting Up the Pickleball Court

Ideally, a pickleball court should be orientated north to south, so that your vision is not blocked by the sun during the morning or evening. The court will need to be a large rectangle, with the long sides running north to south. Across the middle, a net will be placed that runs east to west. On a permanent court, the net will be secured by poles on either side. On a temporary court, a portable net can be set up that includes its own supports.

Lines will then need to be marked on the court for the perimeter of the play area, the non-volley area on each side of the net, and the left and right service areas on each side. This can be done with chalk or masking tape for temporary courts or paint for permanent courts. The line locations will depend on your court’s specific dimensions.

Choosing Court Dimensions

A full-size pickleball court offers the best playing experience, but that is not possible in all locations. The standard pickleball court dimensions, as detailed by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), are 44 feet by 20 feet for the playable area. The court is surrounded by an out-of-bounds area, bringing the total size to 64 by 34 feet. The out-of-bounds area can be reduced in locations with limited space, with 60 by 30 feet being quite common.

The playable area of the court is divided in half by the net, which runs perpendicular to the longer side of the court. Running parallel to the net is one 7-foot non-volley zone on each side. The rest of the court on each side is divided by a line that runs perpendicular to the net, separating the remaining space into right and left-hand service areas of 10 feet by 15 feet each.

Up to four full-sized pickleball courts can be created in a standard tennis court. If a full-sized pickleball court is not possible in your location, the dimensions can be reduced proportionately to create a playable court that fits within your space constraints. For instance, each dimension can be scaled to 90% or 80% of the original size.

Maintaining Your Pickleball Court

Typically, a professionally installed pickleball court or a court that has been converted for pickleball use will require very little maintenance. Every week or so, the surface should be swept clean of any debris, and the surface should be inspected for cracks or defects. The net should be tightened or replaced as needed, and the lines should be repainted as required. If there is any damage to the court surface, it should be professionally repaired.

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