Pickleball Court Surfaces: Which One is Right for You?

2 months ago

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Pickleball Court Surfaces: Which One is Right for You?

Whether you are a professional pickleball player or you are just playing for fun, the choice of surface for a pickleball court can have a significant impact on your performance and comfort. There are several popular types of pickleball court surfaces in the Las Vegas area, and here is how they compare.

Asphalt Surfaces

Similar to a driveway or road, asphalt combines tar with an aggregate to create a smooth court surface with a bit of flex. Asphalt is more cost effective than concrete, but it is not as durable, and in the hot Las Vegas sun, it can soften considerably, possibly leading to damage or premature failure.

Concrete Surfaces

A concrete pickleball court surface can take years of use and abuse, and it is highly weather resistant. Plus, it can usually be repaired easily in the event of cracking or spalling. Concrete is more costly than other surfacing options, however, plus it is harder on the knees, as it does not have much flexibility or give.

Acrylic Surfaces

Usually installed as a protective, performance-enhancing coating over asphalt or concrete, an acrylic surface seals the underlying court surface and adds a bit of flexibility for greater comfort and playability. Acrylic coatings are an inexpensive option to make asphalt or concrete courts last longer, but they usually need to be reapplied every few years.

Clay Surfaces

Clay courts are made from natural, sustainable materials that are cost-effective, plus they offer plenty of flexibility for comfort. Clay courts are not as durable as asphalt and concrete, however, and they need frequent maintenance and repairs.

Cushioned Surfaces

Often used in professional pickleball courts, cushioned surfaces are made from specialized plastics or foams that offer superior comfort, durability, and playability. They can be installed on their own or over a variety of substrates to create the ideal playing surface, but they tend to be somewhat more expensive than other pickleball court options.

Which Surface is Best for You?

Your choice of surface will depend on your budget requirements and your preferences. If your goal is only to have a bit of fun with family and friends, a more cost-effective surface like asphalt, clay, or even grass may be ideal. If you are considering more serious or professional play, a concrete, asphalt, or cushioned surface may be the best option, though a cushioned surface can always be added later.

Custom Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas

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