Pickleball in Las Vegas: Where to Play, Local Clubs, and more!

2 months ago

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Whether you are an avid pickleball player or you are just getting into the game, there are plenty of resources available in the Las Vegas area to help you maximize your enjoyment of the sport. This guide will help you find great places to play pickleball in Las Vegas, local clubs and leagues, as well as essential supplies to play the game or build your own court.

Where to Play Pickleball

Las Vegas and the surrounding communities feature several public parks with pickleball courts and facilities. These include:

  • Huckleberry Park

  • Stonebridge Park

  • Police Memorial Park

  • Bill Briare Family Park

  • Bob Price Park

  • Dundee Jones Park

  • Sunset Park

  • Cougar Creek Park

  • Central Park

  • Paradise Park

  • Oak Leaf Park

  • Mission Hills Park

  • Lone Mountain Regional Park

Some parks may offer free access to the pickleball courts, while others may charge a small fee per game, and reservations may be required at more popular facilities. Contact your nearby parks for more information about playing pickleball in Las Vegas.

Many businesses and private facilities also feature pickleball courts that are open to the public for a fee, including:

Pickleball Clubs & Leagues

If you are looking for more competitive opportunities to play pickleball in Las Vegas, there are several clubs and leagues in the area that cater to either amateur players, professionals, or both. These include:

Pickleball Supplies

When you need supplies to play pickleball in Las Vegas or materials to build your own court, check out these local businesses:

Custom Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas

Would you like to create the perfect place to play pickleball? Whether you are installing a public pickleball court, one for a private pickleball club, or a court for your own enjoyment at home, our team at Sport Court Las Vegas can help. We offer professional-grade courts for pickleball, tennis, basketball, and more. Plus, we offer advanced court surfaces to upgrade existing court, providing a long-lasting, durable playing surface that features advanced traction, less abrasion risk, and our exclusive Lateral Forgiveness™ technology that reduces fatigue and joint strain.

Enhance your pickleball game. Request a quote for custom pickleball courts or pickleball surfaces in Las Vegas by calling (702) 883-8386 today or contacting us online.