Resurface or Repair Your Tennis Court? Here's How to Decide

4 months ago

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Like any other surface, tennis courts wear out over time and may experience fading and cracks. If you notice a deterioration of your tennis court, you may be wondering whether to resurface or schedule a tennis court repair. While both options refresh and enhance the state of your tennis court, choosing one can be a challenge. Read on for more information about both services so you can decide on what's best for your tennis court.


Court Resurfacing 

Court resurfacing is a comprehensive process that replaces the court surface without necessarily reconstructing its base. It gives the tennis court a facelift and is part of regular tennis court maintenance. While resurfacing varies depending on the type of court and extent of damage, it usually involves:

  • Cleaning the court and removing debris, fungus, and moss.
  • Repair of cracks and leveling out low areas to prevent water pooling.
  • Application of new surface coating to protect the court surface from further damage
  • Painting the lines and retying any loose fences

Resurfacing tennis courts that require extensive repairs takes more time. It is advisable to resurface a tennis court every 5-8 years depending on factors like climate, frequency of use, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and level of maintenance. Some of the signs you need to resurface include discoloration, too many cracks, or water pooling. Since it takes more time than simple repairs, court resurfacing may cost more. However, it improves traction, keeps the court more vibrant, and corrects any existing imperfection. 


Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis court repairs involve fixing issues like filling surface cracks that are neither too big nor unstable. Repairing such damage with a crack membrane system prevents the cracks from reappearing. Other types of repairs include:

  • Re-coating to remedy fading or discoloration
  • Repairing bubbling of the tennis court surface 
  • Correcting drainage issues 
  • Removing growths like moss and fungus.

Repairs usually take less time, and you can repair a tennis court in as little as a day. Note that court repairs are ideal for minor issues that don't affect the structure of the court. It is advisable to repair damages as soon as they occur to prevent further problems.

Unlike resurfacing, repairs may cost less depending on the damage. They are also simple fixes that you can accomplish quickly. 


What is the Best Option for You?

The choice between resurfacing and repairing your tennis court will depend on your budget as well as factors like frequency of use. While simple repairs may work in some cases, you may require a tennis court resurfacing in others.

A professional inspection can help you figure out the best course of action to take. So, whether you want a resurfacing or tennis court repair in Las Vegas, Sport Court Las Vegas can help. Contact us today!