The Differences Between Hardwood and Sport Court's Maple Select™ Indoor Basketball Flooring

2 years ago

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Photo of basketball court, featuring indoor basketball flooring.

Whether your family has a passion for basketball or you want to upgrade your community's recreational facilities, durable indoor basketball flooring is a necessity for your basketball court. Though there are a couple of alternatives for indoor basketball flooring, Sport Court's Maple Select™ has numerous advantages that make it a fantastic selection. Here's what you should know about the differences between conventional hardwood and Sport Court's maple select flooring. 

Hardwood Basketball Indoor Flooring

Hardwood basketball flooring provides the traditional look that many people envision when thinking about an indoor basketball court. While hardwood courts last for 40-50 years before they need to be replaced, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape.

A hardwood court needs frequent cleaning and polishing. It also requires periodic resurfacing to ensure a smooth playing service. Hardwood courts are also one of the more expensive options for indoor basketball flooring.

It is possible to customize the look of hardwood courts with personalized logos, graphics, and colors, though this increases the installation cost. 

Sport Court's Maple Select Indoor Basketball Flooring 

Sport Court offers a unique material known as Maple Select for our customers' indoor basketball courts. Maple Select™ combines layers of durable materials to produce a safe, affordable, and low-maintenance alternative. 

The top layer of Maple Select is UV-cured to minimize maintenance costs. This surface is resistant to scratches and moisture, and it's antimicrobial. You don't have to worry about refinishing or polishing maple select; clean it daily with a dry dust mop and monthly with a wet dust mop. 

Thanks to Maple Select's high level of shock absorption, you know you're providing a safe playing environment for your players. You can even customize the level of absorption with a custom underlayment. 

We back our Maple Select courts with a 15-year warranty. It's quick and easy to install an indoor maple select basketball court. Most jobs are completed in a few days, allowing you to take advantage of your new facilities as quickly as possible. 

Maple Select is a more affordable alternative than conventional hardwood basketball floors. However, it doesn't skimp on quality or longevity. Choose from multiple finishes, including light, dark, blue, rustic, silver, and crimson maple, to design a court that suits your aesthetic.

Ready to install your new indoor basketball flooring? Contact Sport Court today to get started!