Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Backyard Basketball Court

2 years ago

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If you’re a basketball enthusiast and love spending your free time at home, you may want to consider installing a backyard basketball court. This addition to your backyard allows you to unwind and enjoy America's favorite sport.

The top five benefits of installing a basketball court in your backyard are: 

1. It Increases Your Home’s Value

Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, installing a basketball court increases your home’s resale value. The court is an attractive feature, especially for potential buyers with families. These type of buyers prefer homes with added features such as backyard courts where their kids can spend their free time. 

2. A Backyard Court Improves Your Landscaping

A well-constructed basketball court looks good in your backyard and enhances your home’s landscaping without requiring you to invest a fortune. For this reason, you may want to work with professional court installers so that the court’s aesthetics blend perfectly with your home’s architecture and the surrounding nature. 

3. Courts are a Great Family Hangout Spot

If you want to add a hangout spot to your home, you can never go wrong with a backyard basketball court. That is particularly true if you have kids who love sports. A court allows them to enjoy their favorite sport from the comfort and safety of your home’s backyard. A backyard basketball court also provides an excellent spot for entertaining friends and family. 

Basketball also provides neighborhood kids with a healthy activity to engage in. Having a court at home means you don’t have to worry about who your kids interact with when they venture out onto public courts, where they may not be safe or properly supervised.  

4. Minimal Maintenance

The high-quality backyard basketball courts built by Sport Court Las Vegas require minimal maintenance. The courts are built to last and come with accessories for UV protection, mold prevention, and more. You can enjoy up to 15 years of stress-free use. You’ll only need minimal maintenance, such as removing any dust and leaves to keep your backyard court in excellent condition. 

5. Provides a Backyard Space for Outdoor Events

The beauty of backyard basketball courts is that they are versatile. You can conveniently transform one into a space for outdoor events such as graduation parties, summer cookouts, anniversary celebrations, and more. You’ll have a flat and sturdy surface where you can place chairs, tables, or a stage if your event calls for one. 

Have Your Backyard Basketball Court Installed by Experts

If you’ve always wanted to add a backyard basketball court, the experienced installers at Sport Court Las Vegas have you covered. We have years of experience designing and installing outdoor and indoor game courts with the highest quality equipment and materials. Contact us today at 702-883-8386 for a free quote.