Transform Your Space: Building a Backyard Pickleball Court

4 months ago

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For those who love the game of pickleball, it can be frustrating to have to book ahead at the local pickleball courts or pay fees to access commercial courts. Installing your own backyard pickleball court is a great solution, and if your yard has the space, it is relatively easy to build a court and add some accessories to create your ideal pickle paradise. Here are some tips that can help you start planning your design.

Choose the Court Size 

An official-sized court is the best option if you have the space. According to USA Pickleball, pickleball court dimensions for official play are 44 feet by 20 feet, and when you add in the buffer for the out-of-bounds zone, the total size is 64 by 34 feet. If your space is a bit limited, you can keep the playable area the same but shrink the out-of-bounds zone down to 60 by 30 feet.

If you have a small backyard, you may have to settle for a court that is smaller than the official size. By shrinking the dimensions down proportionately, you can create a playable and enjoyable court at a size equal to 90% or 80% of the official court. For instance, a court scaled to 80% would have a 35 by 16-foot playable area.

Install a Base

Most pickleball courts are built on a base of concrete or asphalt. This will require removing the sod in the area where the court will be installed, adding a layer of road base or sand and gravel or to create a strong, level sub-surface, and finally, adding the top layer of concrete or asphalt. Concrete is extremely durable, but it is hard and dense, reducing ball bounce. Asphalt is softer and more flexible, but it can be damaged more easily.

Select The Play Surface

Many backyard pickleball courts feature an acrylic play surface that is essentially painted over concrete or asphalt. While this works well and can improve play characteristics, it is a thin layer that offers very little protection against injuries, and it must be reapplied often to maintain a quality surface. For the ultimate in playability, consider an advanced cushioned surface. It offers significantly better gameplay performance while helping to reduce joint stress and minimize injuries.

Add Lighting for Evening Games

Keep the fun going after dark with custom lighting for your backyard pickleball court. During the winter months in Las Vegas, it gets dark much earlier, but with a well-lit pickleball court, you can enjoy the cooler weather and keep the games going well into the evening.

Don’t Forget Some Storage

Building a large shed can give you the perfect place to store all your paddles, pickleballs, extra nets, brooms, garden hoses, chairs for visitors, and more, putting everything you need to play and care for your custom pickleball court easily within reach.

Backyard Pickleball Court Installations in Las Vegas

When you are ready to add a pickleball court to your Las Vegas home, talk to our team at Sport Court Las Vegas. We design and build custom backyard courts for pickleball, tennis, basketball, and more. We also offer advanced play surfaces, such as the SportGame Pickleball™ system, as well as accessories like lighting, ball containment systems, nets, and play kits that include balls, paddles, and more.

To request a quote for a custom backyard pickleball court in the Las Vegas area, call 702-883-8386 today.