Ultimate Backyard Makeover: Install a Court for Active Fun

1 months ago

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Redoing your backyard can be a great opportunity to make your Las Vegas home better reflect your family's interests. If you have one or more sports enthusiasts in the bunch, it may be worth adding a custom court during your backyard makeover. Not only can it provide endless hours of entertainment, but a professionally installed backyard court can offer several other benefits.

Backyard makeover in Las Vegas, Nevada


1. A Bit of Exercise

Between the hot Las Vegas weather and the allure of mobile phones and gaming consoles, it can be a challenge to keep your children active. A custom backyard court makes getting a bit of exercise more fun, with easy access to a dedicated space to play your family’s favorite sports.

2. Family Bonding

Whether it is playing a board game, watching a movie, or competing in a round of tennis or basketball, any time spent with your family can strengthen your bonds and create lasting memories. A backyard court is the ideal place to spend time with family while engaging in a bit of friendly competition.

3. Improved Skills

By having a backyard court available constantly, your children can practice often, build skills, and become better at their chosen sports. This can lead to greater confidence and interpersonal skills as they take an interest in sports and join a team.

4. Entertainment for Guests

When your family and friends come over for a visit, a backyard court can make the average barbecue or dinner party a bit more entertaining. Plus, it can become a convenient, safe place for your children to spend time with their friends.

5. Added Home Value

Including a custom court in your backyard makeover makes sense not only for entertaining your family but for your finances as well. If you ever have to sell in the future, a backyard court can add value to your home or make it more attractive to buyers, allowing it to sell faster in a tight real estate market.

Custom Courts for Your Las Vegas Backyard Makeover

Make your backyard makeover the envy of the neighborhood with a custom backyard court from our team at Sport Court Las Vegas. For over 30 years, we have been building innovative, professional-quality courts for homeowners and businesses throughout the Las Vegas area. 

Our backyard courts are custom-designed and installed to meet your needs, and they feature advanced surface materials that reduce joint stress and injuries while providing excellent grip and traction. Whether you play basketball, tennis, pickleball, or a range of other sports, trust our experts to create the ideal court for your backyard makeover.

To request a quote for your custom backyard court in Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, or the surrounding areas, call 702-883-8386 today or contact us online.