Ultimate Pickleball-Lover Gift Guide: Backyard Courts & More

3 months ago

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you have not started picking out gifts for the pickleball lover in your life, now is the time to start. From backyard pickleball courts to paddles, balls, bags, and more, this gift guide will help you select some of the best pickleball essentials for friends and family members, whether they are seasoned pickleball pros or new to the game.

Backyard pickleball courts in Las Vegas, Nevada

Backyard Pickleball Courts

Although playing at the local sports complex, community center, or park may be great for the occasional game of pickleball, for those who play often or are serious about the sport, nothing can beat a custom pickleball court right in the backyard. A basic court can be set up with a net and a concrete or asphalt surface, a bit of chalk to draw some lines, and a few accessories - but for a truly enjoyable experience, consider upgrading to a custom-designed, professionally-built court.

Pro-grade backyard pickleball courts will be built to official USAPA standards, with a playable area of 20 by 44 feet, and a total size of 24 by 64 feet. They would also have advanced features like cushioned play surfaces that enhance the game, quality lighting for evening play, and a regulation net.

High-Quality Paddles

Basic pickleball paddles are a good choice for beginners, and they are often made with tough polypropylene or composite materials that offer a good compromise between durability and control. For more serious players, industry-leading paddle brands like Engage, Gamma, and Selkirk offer improved balance, more accurate hits, and better spin control through advanced materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber composites.

High-Performance Pickleballs

Selecting the best pickleball for the style of play and the environment is important. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor pickleballs, with outdoor balls having smaller holes that minimize the effect of wind on ball trajectory. The best pickleballs will offer considered bounce with every hit, and they will maintain their performance characteristics throughout their service life. Cheaper alternatives can lose their bounce quickly or crack. For the best gameplay, choose a USAPA-approved ball from a recognized brand like ONIX, Jugs, or TOP.

Roomy Gear Bags

Make it easy for your pickleball enthusiast to travel to the next game with the perfect pickleball bag. The best gear bags will have room for at least a pair of paddles, several pickleballs, shoes, and accessories like water bottles, cellphones, keys, and more. Backpack-style carry bags are easy to grab and go, while more traditional duffel-style totes can carry far more items. Or, for those with an eye for style, high-end pickleball bags offer room for everything a pickleball player may need while sporting luxurious materials like leather and suede.

Backyard Pickleball Courts & Accessories in Las Vegas

Make this holiday season special for your favorite pickleball enthusiast with a custom pickle court and accessories from Sport Court Las Vegas. We offer professional-grade backyard pickleball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, multi-sport solutions, and more, as well as our exclusive SportGame™ and SportGame Pickleball™ surfaces that offer improved performance and gameplay with reduced joint stress and fewer injuries. For the ultimate backyard courts and accessories, choose Sport Court Las Vegas.

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