What's the Best Basketball Court Size for Your Backyard?

2 years ago

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Whether you love a fast-paced game of basketball on a full-size court or prefer a half size court for less space & easy access, a backyard basketball court is an excellent addition to your home.

With a court only a few steps away from your home, you won't have to bother with packing up your gear and trekking to the nearest park. Instead, hone your game whenever you have a chance to step outside (or inside) your own court. 

When installing a court, one detail you need to consider is your preferred court size. Here's what you need to think about when determining your ideal backyard basketball court size. 

Average Basketball Court Sizes to Consider

The size of a basketball court varies depending on the basketball league. For example, the following leagues use courts with these dimensions:

  • NBA: 94 feet long by 50 feet wide
  • High school: 84 feet long by 50 feet wide
  • Junior high school: 74 feet long by 42 feet wide

If you're used to playing at a local high school court, you may prefer to opt for a court that follows the dimensions used by high schools.

Or, if you have kids who like to play at their junior high school (or want a court ideal for young players), the dimensions of a junior high school may be preferable. 

How You Like to Play

If your yard is getting short on space but you dream of installing your own basketball court, you can realize these dreams by installing a court that's sized according to your spatial needs and limitations. 

There's a lot of running and movement in basketball. While this is part of the game's appeal, some players prefer half-court basketball where they only use half the court. If you prefer half-court basketball, it's possible to install half of a basketball court to mimic this style of play.

Or, if you want to have the option for a full professional scale court, a full-size basketball court is ideal. You’ll be able to play on the same court as the pros do in the NCAA when built by Sport Court Las Vegas.

Get the Right Backyard Basketball Court Size at Sport Court Las Vegas

At Sport Court Las Vegas, we can help you design & build your backyard basketball court. We're the world's largest court builder and we take pride in installing courts that prioritize safety and performance. Sport Court Las Vegas builds both half court and full court basketball courts customized to fit your ideal basketball court size, space, colors & multi-sport needs, among other industry leading features.

Our basketball courts are constructed with PowerGame™ surface product. The PowerGame™ product offers patented shock absorption to minimize joint stress and fatigue while maximizing your ball's playability. PowerGame™ surface product also includes UV stabilizers to keep your court looking its best.

Ready to install your backyard basketball court? Contact Sport Court Las Vegas for a free estimate at 702-883-8386 today!