A Guide to Different Pickleball Surfaces

29 days ago

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If you are thinking about installing a custom pickleball court for your home or business in the Las Vegas area, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what type of pickleball surface to include. Each surface has different play characteristics, which can directly impact the enjoyment of the game, as well as player comfort and safety. Here is how some of the most popular pickleball surfaces compare. 

Pickleball surfaces in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Concrete – Often used in tennis courts, concrete is a good choice for pickleball as well, as it provides long-lasting durability with extreme weather resistance. But, concrete is hard and unforgiving, which can contribute to injuries like sprained ankles or fractures. An acrylic coating can be added to improve player comfort and provide consistent bounce and improved playability.

  • Asphalt – Asphalt is a great alternative to concrete, as it provides a durable, weather-resistant surface, though it is softer and has more give than concrete, reducing the chance of injuries. It offers similar play characteristics to concrete, and it can be acrylic-coated for added comfort, but it will not last as long as a quality concrete surface, especially in the Las Vegas sun.

  • Acrylic – Typically added as a protective layer over asphalt or concrete, an acrylic pickleball surface offers greater comfort for players, a reduced chance of injuries, and a more consistent bounce. Acrylic coatings must be reapplied periodically to maintain a quality surface.

  • Clay – With similar play characteristics to asphalt or concrete, clay pickleball surfaces offer a natural alternative that is durable and sustainable. Clay surfaces offer a bit more give than concrete, for fewer injuries and greater comfort, but they will not last as long.

  • Grass – Grass pickleball surfaces are extremely cost-effective, but they require constant maintenance to keep the surface in good condition, and they offer sub-par play characteristics and ball bounce compared to asphalt or concrete surfaces.

  • Cushioned surfaces – Often preferred for professional pickleball courts, cushioned play surfaces combine materials like polyurethane and rubber to create a court with excellent play characteristics and responsiveness, while providing greater comfort and injury protection than other types of surfaces. They tend to be more costly to install, however.

Ultimately, your choice of pickleball surface will depend on your preferences, your available budget, and whether the court is designed for professional players, pickleball enthusiasts, or family fun. A cushioned surface is ideal for professionals, enthusiasts, or those who truly love the game, while an asphalt or concrete surface may work well for amateur play or families.

Custom Pickleball Courts, Surfaces & Accessories in Las Vegas

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