Building Your Dream Pickleball Court: A Comprehensive Guide

29 days ago

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Pickleball is a great way to get in a bit of exercise while having fun with friends and family. If you are an enthusiastic player and would like more time to enjoy the game, consider building your own court. It takes up less space than a tennis court, and it can be used for other activities when you are not playing pickleball. This comprehensive guide will help you select the best elements to incorporate into your pickleball court.

Pickleball court and racquets shown in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sizing Your Court

If you have the space at your Las Vegas home or you would like to play professionally, an official-sized court would be the best option. Official dimensions for professional-grade courts are laid out by USA Pickleball, the association that governs the sport and publishes the rules in the United States.

The standard pickleball court is 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. Including the out-of-bounds area, which is 10 feet on each end, plus 7 feet on the sides, the total size for a court that’s sized to official specifications is 64 by 34 feet.

The playable area is divided in half by the net, with a non-volley zone or kitchen of 7 feet on each side, indicated by a line 7 feet from the net and parallel to it. The remaining playable area is divided in half by a line that is perpendicular to the net, creating left and right service areas on each side that are 15 feet long by 10 feet wide. Lines on each end and each side of the playable area mark the border between the playable area and the out-of-bounds zone.

If your yard is limited on space, but you’d still like an official-sized court, the dimensions of the out-of-bounds area can be reduced, with 60 by 30 being a common size. If your court needs to be smaller, all the dimensions can be scaled to a percentage of the original. The court should be orientated north to south to avoid glare from the sun.

Selecting the Surface

Before you select the appropriate surface for your pickleball court, you must build a suitable base. Asphalt or concrete are good choices, though asphalt will be softer and require more maintenance in general. A concrete surface would likely last longer in the Nevada sun. Indoor courts can use wood or concrete as the base, as well as wood or rubber flooring, though concrete or asphalt are preferred due to their non-slip nature and to achieve the proper bounce for the ball.

Once the base is installed, a professional playing surface should be applied. While there are many court surfaces, for the ultimate in playability and performance, a cushioned surface is ideal. It provides a better grip overall with a cushioned surface that reduces the chance of injuries.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Courts

Having the ability to play in all weather conditions is ideal, but an indoor pickleball court can be cost-prohibitive. In the Las Vegas area, an outdoor court can be used much of the year while saving significant amounts of money on its design and construction.

Professional Pickle Court Construction in Las Vegas

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