How Much Does a Backyard Basketball Court Cost? What You Need to Know

2 years ago

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You want to add a basketball court to your property, but you aren't sure how much a backyard basketball court can cost. 

There are a few factors that influence the cost of your new court. Here's what you need to consider when calculating how much a backyard basketball court can cost. 

Your Preferred Sports Space

One detail that influences the cost is the type of court you're interested in building. Will your court consist of only basketball or are you wanting to have a space that offers a variety of sports to play on? Multiple sports can be designed to play on a single court. Speaking to a professional sports surface contractor can help you better plan and build your future sports area.

The Work to Prepare the Space

You'll have to level and potentially drain the site for your new court. Depending on much labor is necessary, this portion can increase the costs of your project.

A space with a severe slope is significantly more expensive to prepare than an area that's already practically level. 

The Size of Your Court

The larger your court, the higher the price. Opting for a half-court or junior-sized sports space can be a much more affordable option than if you decide to install a full size court.

The Materials for Your Court and Its Base

You have a few different options for constructing your court, and the cheapest alternative isn't always the best in the long run. For example, at Sport Court Las Vegas, we build outdoor courts using industry leading products such as Maple Select™ or PowerGame™.

Maple Select™ gives you the look and performance of a real wood surface with Patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology to help reduce the stress and fatigue on your joints and body. While the PowerGame™ surface product offers a safer outdoor playing surface and includes components that protect your court from UV radiation and encourage moisture to drain away. Our courts also have a 15-year warranty so that you have a guarantee they'll look great and play fantastically for years to come. 

The base materials for your court will also impact the cost. The base is the layer that goes between your ground and your court. It may consist of sand, gravel, cement, or concrete.

The best option for your court base depends on your soil type, what kind of court you're building, and any local building regulations. 


Free Estimate For Your Backyard Basketball Court Costs

If you want more info about backyard basketball court costscontact Sport Court Las Vegas at 702-883-8386 for a free estimate! We work with all types of courts and budgets. We'll also help you design the perfect court for your home to meet all of your wants and needs. Start designing your own court online today with our virtual Court Builder tool today.