What's Pickleball? A Beginners Guide to a Family Fun Game

1 months ago

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Playing a sport can be a great way to stay healthy while spending time with family and friends. One of the fastest-growing sports in the Las Vegas area is pickleball, with dozens of places to play throughout the region. But what's pickleball? This guide will give you a basic overview of the game and some of its characteristics.

Man explaining to woman what's pickleball in Las Vegas, Nevada

What's Pickleball & How is it Played?

Pickleball blends features of tennis, badminton, and table tennis to create a fast-paced, exciting game that can also be quite challenging. It can be played with two or four people, known as singles or doubles, and only the serving team can earn points.

The ball is served underhanded and diagonally toward the opposite end of the pickleball court. The ball must bounce before being hit after the serve, and when the ball is returned to the serving team, it must bounce once before being hit again. Afterward, the ball can be volleyed, or hit directly from the air, or it can be hit after a single bounce. The play or rally continues until a fault occurs. Examples of a fault include:

  • The ball hitting the net

  • The ball hitting a person

  • The ball going out-of-bounds

  • The ball bouncing twice before being hit

  • A player crossing into the kitchen before volleying the ball

If the opposing team committed the fault, the serving team earns a point. Then in doubles play, the server switches from the right serving court to the left, or vice versa. The first server continues serving until the serving team commits a fault. Then the second server takes over until the serving team commits another fault. 

At this point, a side-out is declared, and the opposing team receives its chance to serve. During the first round of the game, only the first server on each team serves before a side-out is declared.

In singles play, the server serves from the right serving court when the score is even and from the left when the score is odd. A side-out is declared when the serving team commits a single fault.

Pickleball Court Layout

An official pickleball court is 44 feet by 20 feet. It is divided in the middle by a net, with a 7-foot non-volley or kitchen section running parallel to the net on each side. The remaining space on either side is divided into left and right serving courts by a line that is perpendicular to the net. An out-of-bounds space surrounds the court, bringing its total size to 64 feet by 34 feet. Custom court sizes can be used in smaller spaces, ideally keeping the dimensions proportional to the official size.

There are many pickleball courts in the Las Vegas area, including commercial courts at gyms or sports centers, as well as public courts at parks or community centers that can be accessed with a reservation and a small fee. Besides the court and the net, accessories like pickleball paddles and a pickleball will be needed to play.

Custom Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas, NV

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