COVID-19 Spurs Interest in Basketball Backyard Courts in Las Vegas

9 months ago

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If basketball is your family sport, consider installing a custom backyard court for your Las Vegas home for year-round fun!

COVID-19 slowed all of us down and gave us an opportunity to reflect upon what matters. For many people, family and fitness have become top priorities. After spending time locked down with our loved ones, it's only natural that we find fun ways to bond right at home. 

Research indicates that basketball is a top sport for most households. Approximately 15.5 million people play casual basketball in the U.S. It’s also the most played sport in the country. As such, the demand for backyard courts in Las Vegas has increased. Fortunately, you can hire a professional court builder to construct a custom court in your backyard. Here are four benefits of putting a custom court in your backyard. 

  1. Customized Design 

While the overall structure of a basketball court remains consistent, the colors and sizes don't have to be. You may not have adequate space to fit a classic full-sized court in your backyard.

Ideally, a 30’x50’ is great for a half a court with one hoop and a three-point line. 

However, you can also shrink the space to 27’x27’ or 27’x35’ for your needs. Even if the courts are smaller, you’ll have adequate room to shoot hoops and play with family and friends. You can also put a logo and different colors on it to further customize and enjoy your court. 

  1. Multi-Use Courts 

Your basketball court doesn’t have to be restricted to shooting basketball hoops only. You can also use the space to play pickleball, tennis, volleyball, hockey and more. In addition, you can ask your custom court builder to install formats for up to 15 sports. Also, since the court material is specially engineered to optimize shock absorption, both kids and adults will be able to play longer and safely for hours on end. 

  1. Easy Family and Community Access 

Spending time with family and friends in a safe and secure space is a top priority. Often, your backyard is an excellent meeting point for family and friends. For example, a basketball court in your backyard will turn your home into a popular hangout spot, especially for family, friends, neighbors, and other people who wish to play. 

Courts are also a great way to encourage a fitness lifestyle, especially as sedentary lifestyles and conditions such as obesity continue to grow. Whenever you get together, you can go outside and play a game whether it's basketball, volleyball, pickleball, tennis or any other sport you may prefer. If the space is available, people will play. 

  1. Flexible Budget and Spaces 

A custom backyard court for your Las Vegas home also allows you to work with a flexible budget and space. Every court by Sport Court Las Vegas will be designed and built to your exact specifications, providing you with a top of the line sports experience to play on each and every day.

Build a Custom Backyard Court for Your Las Vegas Home

Getting a court in your backyard court in Las Vegas doesn't have to be complicated. Call Sport Court Las Vegas at 702-883-8386 or complete our contact form for a free estimate today!